The SWITCHES database provides all possible chemical reaction networks (topologies) with size up to of 3 molecules and up to 6 reactions, and also 4 molecules and 3 reactions. The dataset contains reaction networks constructed from all unique combinations of an 'alphabet' of elementary reactions, inspired by biological reaction systems. It includes a stability analysis for about 7.2 million synthetic reaction models (topologies with reaction parameters), derived from about 35000 distinct reaction topologies. About 10% of these are bistable. Each reaction topology is sampled at least 1000 times to generate distinct models with different rates.

SWITCHES is subdivided into topology classes, defined by the number of molecules (M) and reactions (N), expressed as MxN. Thus a topology with 3 molecules and 5 reactions will be in the 3x5 class.

The front page of the SWITCHES database is a clickable tree of all the model topologies in the database.